Unveiling the 2023 State of the Creator Economy Report

published2 months ago
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Unveiling the 2023 State of the Creator Economy Report

Curious about why creators are feeling so optimistic about 2023? We've gathered insights from more than 1,200 creators to explore the state of the creator economy. Discover the top channels creators are using to connect with their audience, which monetization strategies are gaining popularity, how creators are incorporating AI (or not), and other key findings about the creator economy.

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Product Update

New Sequence Editor Improvements

We're thrilled to share new and improved functionality to the sequence editor! Whether you're sending one-off broadcasts emails or a series of emails in a sequence, you should have all the same customizations. Here are all the updates:

  • Starting Point Templates: Starting Point templates are now available to be used in sequences. When you go to select your template, all of your template options should now be available.
  • Customize every email: In the past, you could only choose one email template for your entire email sequence. Now, each email in your sequence can feature a different template.
  • Email styles: You'll find a new "Styles" tab on the righthand column, enabling you to format and customize emails just like you do in the Broadcast editor.

We hope this update to the sequence editor improves the way you build your automated email series.

Template of the Week

Creator Hollie Arnett designed this template for new product announcements complete with testimonials and a countdown timer.

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Feeling inspired? Jump back into creating:

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