How to turn your email list into a well-oiled marketing machine

publishedabout 1 month ago
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12 productivity-boosting newsletter automations to save you time

Running a newsletter is fun and rewarding, but the demand to constantly create can be a slippery slope to creative burnout. Thankfully, you can work smarter instead of harder by using email newsletter automation. We’ll show you our best tips for putting the most time-consuming parts of your newsletter on autopilot.

How to turn your email list into a well-oiled marketing machine

Learn the basics of email drip campaigns and how you can start using them to turn your email list into a profitable machine.

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How this author used email marketing to create passive income

Dorie Clark set herself a goal to make at least 50% of her income from passive income sources. Here's how she did it.

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Diana is an integrative psychologist who creates books, courses, and a podcast to help you use wise effort and build psychological flexibility to live well, with purpose and meaning.

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Apeksha shares the most useful ideas and insights for designers and other creative folks to tackle creative struggles, think better and do powerful work.

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Product Update

WordPress Plugin: Automatic Publishing

We've updated the WordPress plugin so that you can enable the automatic publication of ConvertKit Broadcasts to WordPress Posts on your website! With one click, you'll be able to publish to two places and reduce any duplicative work.

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The latest stories, product updates, and how-tos for creators making a living online.

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