From dressing Barbies to designing for Hollywood

publishedabout 2 months ago
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How to use paid ads to launch a digital product and drive sales

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6 types of email sequences that nurture your audience

Learn how to use automated email sequences to nurture relationships with your audience (plus templates and examples to inspire your next steps).

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From dressing Barbies to designing for Hollywood

Creator and fashion designer Whitney Manney went from creating custom outfits for her Barbies to having her work showcased on the hit show "Bel Air." But the road to make her biggest dream come true wasn’t easy, especially living in the midwest. This new documentary film shares exactly how Whitney turned her big creative dream into a thriving business.

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Improvements to the Creator Network

Finding the right creators to partner with on the Creator Network is key to helping you grow your newsletter with recommendations. Our team has made updates to the Creator Network onboarding process to make it easier to find and connect with other creators.

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