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published2 months ago
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Lifecycle Marketing at ConvertKit

How much potential revenue could you generate from your email list every month?

Whether you’re nurturing a growing email list or managing a large, established one, realizing its revenue potential can be a game-changer. Use ConvertKit’s Creator Calculator to explore how your subscriber statistics and monetization strategies could translate into a potential monthly income.

35 ideas on how to grow your email list for free

You’re on a mission to learn how to grow your email list without spending a ton of money. Good news—there are plenty of free ways to drive email list growth.

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Fast-track your email list and business growth

If you run a newsletter, a referral program is a low-effort way to spread the word and grow subscribers. Here's how to set up an effective referral campaign for your email list.

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Creator Spotlight

The Now Experiment

The Now Experiment is a vision-driven movement helping people be present with their lives, take back their time and energy, and balance their doing and being.

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Kelly Casanova

Kelly is a self taught weaver with a big passion for sharing the timeless art of weaving. Kelly bases her classes on how she would have liked to have been taught, and her calm, slow teaching style and personally-designed projects cater to beginners and intermediates.

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Luka Boenisch

Luka Boenisch is a writer, artist, and transpersonal coach who assist seekers on their inner journey. On his website he shares illustrated essays and short stories about spiritual awakening and the art of living.

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Product Update

Display Creator Network Recommendations on Third-party Forms

You can now display Creator Network Recommendations on third-party forms you have on your website. Specifically, we now support the following third-party forms:

  • Optin Monster
  • ConvertPro
  • ConvertBox
  • Bloom
  • Mediavine Grow
  • Contact Forms 7
  • Forminator
  • WPForms
  • Gravity Forms

To set up the Creator Network on your third-party forms, go to Creator Profile > My Recommendations > Settings > Edit to find the code snippet that you'll need to paste on to any of your site pages that contain a third-party form. If you are using Gravity Forms, you'll have to go to your form's settings and toggle on "Enable Creator Network Recommendations."

We are excited to bring more creators into the Creator Network with this update and see everyone grow their lists together!

Template of the Week

This template was designed by creator Kaushik Murali to give new subscribers a warm welcome and display recommended courses.

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