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50+ profitable online course ideas you can launch this year

published2 months ago
1 min read

50+ profitable online course ideas you can launch this year (and how to find your ideal course topic)

Here’s the thing: you can start and sell a profitable online course in just about any niche. But we get it—you’re still skeptical.

That's why we're sharing examples of online courses so you feel inspired and excited to create your own. Whether you want to create your first or next course, this article will help you figure out how to find online profitable course ideas.

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A daily dose of Stoicism: How author Ryan Holiday doubled his email list one newsletter at a time

Since launching The Daily Stoic newsletter, Ryan Holiday has sent over 2,000 emails to 160 million people. His open and click rates remain steady over the past six years: 40% opens and 3% clicks.

How does he do it? We sat down with Ryan to find out more about the nuts and bolts of how he made his newsletter the foundation of his marketing strategy—and what drove such impressive growth..

How to write email templates that sell your digital products

Feeling overwhelmed with the endless possibilities of what to email your audience? What should you say, who should receive the message, and what should the email look like?

We've got you! We’re sharing what every sales email needs to successfully sell your products, plus four popular email types you can use.