4 ways creators invest in their business to help them scale

published26 days ago
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40 uniquely crafted newsletter subject lines from successful creators

You’ve spent months building your email list and hours designing your newsletter every week. But your open rate remains minimal. It’s not your fault. Work emails, transactional emails, and other sign-up emails flood inboxes, and suddenly you’ve got an overcrowded space where each email is fighting to get opened. The solution: focus on your newsletter subject lines.

4 ways creators invest in their business to help them scale

If you want to be a thriving creator and stake your claim in the creator economy, learn how creators are investing in their business and how you can do the same.

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How a copywriter hit 22% conversion rates with the Creator Network

After trying various tactics without success, copywriter Allea Grummert was getting discouraged by her email list growth. Now she's about to hit the 1,000 subscriber mark for the first time and feeling more motivated than ever.

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Creator Spotlight

Relate Co

Brittani’s newsletter Relatable Reads provides thought provoking content around relationships, habits, and living with intention. You’ll get relatable articles, actionable takeaways, and journal prompts.

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Wee Seeds

Wee Seeds helps parents and professionals plant the seeds of positive mental health in the early years, through their digital platform of mindfulness, meditation and movement tools, and community.

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Nicola Moors

Nicola, creator of Brand Voice Baller and Launch Igniter, helps multi-6 and 7 figure business owners to stand out and sell out with launch strategy and high-converting copy in their brand voice.

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[Video] How to make the most of ConvertKit's email editor

Looking to get up to speed on the updates our team made to the email editor this summer? Want to see the behind-the-scenes on how we redesigned this newsletter? Check out this video where we walk you through how to get the most out of ConvertKit's email editor, so you can get your emails looking just the way you like them.

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