4 steps to successfully scale your newsletter

published19 days ago
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4 steps to successfully scale your newsletter

As a creator, you know growing your email list is a huge challenge. That’s why we set up the Creator Network — to help creators grow their email lists together, faster.

But how does the Creator Network help you scale? How do you get noticed? What’s the best way to keep a healthy email list while you’re growing from recommendations? We’ve got answers to these questions and more.

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AI & Creators: Learn more in the 2023 State of the Creator Economy Report

Did you know that 1 in 3 creators incorporated AI tools into their workflow last year? Dive into our 2023 State of the Creator Economy report to learn more about the tools and strategies creators are using to grow.

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Creator Spotlight

Digital Wellness

Feeling burned out from all the notifications and endless swiping? The Digital Wellness newsletter shares (neuro)science insights & practical advice to help 1500+ readers reclaim their time, attention, and mental health from their tech devices.

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Andrew Gray

Andrew, author of MONDAY MUSE, has 25+ years experience in business, not-for-profit leadership, and consulting. His newsletter and podcast cover insights from mentoring, leadership, high-performance psychology, and inner health to enhance life's journey.

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Beth Napleton

Beth helps education and not-for-profit leaders navigate challenges and achieve their goals with their strengths and experience in mind, and a high level view of what needs to happen next.

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Product Updates

Improvements to the RSS editor

We are bringing our new and improved functionality to the RSS editor. You now have the same customization abilities whether you're sending a one-off broadcast email, an automated email sequence, or setting up an RSS. Here are the key updates:

  • Starting Point templates: Starting Point templates are now available to be used in RSS! When you go to select your template, all of your template options should now be available.
  • Liquid tag library: When editing your RSS feed, there will be a library of liquid tags you can add to make your email more dynamic.

Use the RSS feed to automatically email your list when you publish a new article on your blog.

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