18 tips to ensure your emails are delivered to inboxes

publishedabout 2 months ago
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Email deliverability: 18 tips to ensure your emails are delivered to inboxes

Every creator's worst nightmare is finding out their newsletters are being delivered to the spam folder. Luckily, there are ways to improve your sender reputation and influence your email deliverability to keep your emails out of spam and into your subscribers’ inboxes—where they belong.

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#SEOFOMO by Aleyda

#SEOFOMO is a weekly newsletter sent to 26K+ subscribers who don't want to miss out on the latest in SEO news, guides, tools, and jobs. Subscribe today to stay to up-to-date on vital SEO resources and opportunities!

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Julie Artz, Book Coach

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Winning Solo

Winning Solo helps independent consultants, creatives and freelancers to enjoy longevity, balance and success on their terms. Actionable tips twice a month in a 5-minute read (or less).

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Product Update

ConvertKit WordPress Plugin Updates

We've made big improvements to the ConvertKit plugin on WordPress! All these updates have been made to make it easier for you to set up your website and have your go-to tools complement each other to make your business run more smoothly. Here are the updates to look out for:

  • Gated content: Create gated content for premium members who have purchased a ConvertKit Commerce product, enabling easy setup of courses, e-books, and curated content.
  • Newsletter feed: Want to showcase all of your newsletters on your site? Embed a paginated list of your public broadcasts on your WordPress site.
  • Product embeds: Create your storefront on your WordPress site, by adding quick embeds of your ConvertKit products. You'll be able to edit all the styles directly inside WordPress.
  • Pop-up modal: Introducing the "Form Trigger Block," a button that triggers a ConvertKit form to pop up as a modal, slide-in, or stick bar when clicked.
  • WooCommerce plugin: The ConvertKit and WooCommerce Plugin have been updated to map customer first and last names to ConvertKit custom fields.
  • PHP SDK: For any PHP developers, we've released the PHP SDK to easily interact with the ConvertKit API.

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The latest stories, product updates, and how-tos for creators making a living online.

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