How to create your first email course in a single weekend

published2 months ago
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How to create your first email course in a single weekend

You’re finally ready to create an online course, but the thought of choosing the right platform, filming video tutorials, and creating the lesson plan intimidates you.

We get it. And we have the perfect solution. Create an email course instead!

Learn how email courses work, why they’re worth doing, and show how to create an email course—in one weekend.

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Join us in Nashville: Billion Dollar Creator Live Podcast Recording + Creator Meetup

Join us for a live recording of the new Billion Dollar Creator podcast this Friday (September 29) in Nashville. Nathan and Rachel will dive into the stories of top brands, celebrities, and entrepreneurs and show you how you can apply their winning strategies to your business as an everyday creator. Plus stick around after the live recording for a meetup to make connections with other creators.

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Ogaga Johnson

Through Verisult Training and Consulting Inc., Ogaga provides project management services to help businesses go from idea to launch. Ogaga takes care of managing and coordinating project and team activities so that you can have time to do what really matters.

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Product Update

Add Recommendations in your emails

Partner with creators to drive subscriber growth by adding a Recommendation block directly into your newsletter and recommend them to your subscribers. This will expand the ways you can cross-promote your newsletter with other creators with Recommendations in the Creator Network.

Here's what to expect:

  • The new Recommendation block is available in any Broadcast and Sequence email.
  • All Recommendations in emails are one-click subscribes, making it a frictionless way for your readers to opt-in.
  • Any subscribers you drive to creators you're recommending in emails will be reported in the Creator Network dashboard.
  • You have direct control on who is recommended in the Recommendation block—it won't be randomized.
  • This will only be available for free Recommendations at this time.

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