ConvertKit Product Updates: Creator Network, Sequence editor, WordPress and more!

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ConvertKit Product Updates

Hey Reader,

From expanding the Creator Network with third-party support to enhancing functionalities like the Sequence editor and WordPress plugin, we've been busy crafting new tools and features to make growing and running your business easier.

Read on to catch up on the latest product updates our team has shipped in the last month to support creators like you.

Third-party support for Creator Network

We launched the Creator Network this year to help creators use recommendations to grow each other's email audiences faster by working together. Since the launch, over 3,300 creators have already gained 1,000,000+ subscribers through the Creator Network!

We're excited to share that you can now show your Creator Network recommendation modal on third-party forms you have on your website, allowing even more creators to tap into the power of recommendations to grow their lists faster together.

To set this up, go to Creator Profile > My Recommendations > Settings and hit Edit. You'll be able to find the code snippet that you'll need to paste on to any of your site pages that contain a third-party form. For more instructions on how to get this set up on your third-party forms, check out the support article below.

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In case you missed it...

Here are a few of the other product updates our team has shipped recently.

Creator Profile: Set Your Featured Post

Now you can choose to feature any past editions of your newsletter you've made public on the Featured Post of your Creator Profile. This gives you more control of the first impression when someone checks out your profile.

Edit your Creator Profile

Sequence Editor Improvements

You can now use Starting Point templates in sequences, customize each email to use different templates, and use the new Styles tab to format emails just like you do in the Broadcast editor.

Check out the updates

WordPress Plugin Updates

Gated content, newsletter feeds, product embeds, pop-up modals, and more! We've added a ton of new functionality to the ConvertKit plugin on WordPress to help you run your business more smoothly.

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Email Notification: New Recommendation

Get alerted when you get a new recommendation on the Creator Network. Creator Network notifications are enabled by default. You can manage your notifications under Settings > Notifications.

We're super excited about these new updates and truly hope they'll make it easier to connect with your audience and earn a living online.

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