10 welcome email examples that instantly win over new subscribers

published2 months ago
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Lifecycle Marketing at ConvertKit

How this creator went from 20% to 50% open rates

Dan Go runs a successful fitness coaching and course business that focuses on helping creators live healthier lives. To make that impact, Dan needs to reach people with his content, especially his newsletters.

But he was running into a big problem: his emails were getting 20% open rates. Find out how switching platforms and doubling down on reaching the right people led to higher open rates and even more sales.

10 welcome email examples that instantly win over new subscribers

In this guide, we’re diving into examples from creators, welcome email templates you can swipe, and tips to make them your own.

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How to run discounts using ConvertKit

Find out why discounts are crucial to your business, the types of discounts you can set up, and how to run discounts all year round.

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How much potential revenue could you generate from your email list every month?

Whether you're nurturing a budding email list or managing a large, established audience, realizing its revenue potential can be a game-changer. Use ConvertKit's Creator Calculator to explore how your subscriber statistics and monetization strategies could translate into a potential monthly income.

Creator Spotlight


Jason shares proven email marketing & automation strategies to grow your Creator business without sacrificing time. Learn how to double your revenue without extra time, even if automation seems daunting. Subscribe now for the key to work-life balance and mastering automation.

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Isabella Strambio

As a macrame & fibre artist, educator and author, Isabella shares how to find a mindful creative outlet and how to turn your passion into a creative business in her newsletter.

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Presentation Power-Up

Fareed is an ex-Management Consultant teaching busy professionals how to make their presentations pop! Go from Boring to Brilliant with his weekly tips to power-up your presentations.

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Product Update

Creator Profile: Newsletter feed + social share

We are rolling out even more improvements to your Creator Profile to make it even easier for you to build your newsletter feed and make sharing it easier:

  • Social share: When you share your Creator Profile, social share graphics will be automatically created to showcase your newsletter name, byline, and description.
  • Curate your newsletter feed: Instead of having to go to each broadcast, you can now select which of your past broadcasts emails you've sent that you want to publish as a public post and add to your Creator Profile.

Check out the support article on how to make the most out of your Creator Profile.

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The latest stories, product updates, and how-tos for creators making a living online.

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